An Idea of Stolen Time (pieces for piano or next to it)

8 pm

Saâdane Afif
Sarah Darwin
Jean Pascal Flavien
Annika Larsson
Jonathan Monk
Tisha Mukarji

Invited by Augustin Maurs

Special Guests: Wesley Bryon, Martin Grüter, Hervé Humbert and Cosima zu Knyphausen

It is said that the pianist and composer Frederic Chopin “could not play in time”. The musical term of tempo rubato – Italian for: stolen time refers to the expressive freedom taken by the interpreter, the speeding up or slowing down of a musical motive. At a time when the metronome became the first tool of mechanical reproduction, the tempo rubato could par excellence not be repeated, resulting in a singular situation. Remembering that music is bound to the moment, the tempo rubato also reminds us that music is not only audible – and thus reveals its actual complexity. This evening is dedicated to the complexity of the provisory, to the reiteration of the exercise and to the betrayal of interpretation.