Jason Dodge
4. February – 5. March 2017

We are pleased to announce the final instalment of our exhibition series Porzellan und Vulkan with the exhibition Jason Dodge and Paul Thek. In the Schinkelklause several of Paul Thek’s major drawings will be displayed, while on the upper floor of the Schinkel Pavillon Dodge will present a sculptural installation. Dodges installative work and a program of poetry readings will draw conceptual reference to the work of Paul Thek and his engagement with rituals of diverse kinds.

The paralells between Thek and Dodge’s work in material and meaning are unmistakable. In addition to the visual exhibitions, the collaborations include readings by poets Dodge has published, and a workshop from Thek’s teaching notes for his 4D class at Cooper Union 1978-1981— all of these elements contribute to the interweaving between the artistic disciplines and embellish the notion of collaboration.

Februar 16, 7 pm
Jason Dodge reads poems by Noelle Kocot

February 26, 3 pm
Paul Theks notes of 4 dimensional design: workshop all ages

March 3, 8 pm
Reading (soma)tic rituals and poems by CAConrad